Wind Turbine

– High Efficiency Micro Wind Turbine Eco-friendly technology Innovation
– Start-Up Speed of 1 m/s (industry’s lowest unassisted Start-Up Sp
– Efficient energy production even in areas with slow or highly variable wind speeds
– No reduction in output efficiency at sustained high wind speeds due to our innovative heat dissipation technology
– The simplicity of our structural design makes ideal for low cost mass production
– Compact size and light weight. Can be installed virtually anywhere
– Our turbines were originally designed with an application in developing countries in mind, simplicity and long durability
– Operate extremely quietly and is barely audible at only 19dB (speed 3-4 m/s)

We aim to provide energy solutions by integrating renewable energies,

cutting edge technologies for self-sustaining societies into public venues,

business establishments and private households to all over the world…

A-WING Wind Turbine Catalogues :